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In the Solitude of Cotton Fields

Herzliya Theatre, Israel

Text: Bernard-Marie Koltes

Director: Yael Cramsky

Light & Set Design: Yaron Abulafia

Costume Design: Aya Tzeiger

Music: Ophir Bar-on

Performers: Doron Tavori & Nimrod Bergman

Photos by © Noam Wise

World premiere at Herzliya Theatre, Israel - December 2010

Theatre & Opera

This post-dramatic text is written with two nameless characters: one of which is identified as a Dealer while the other is potentially a Client. The two meet and negotiate for unknown purpose, in unknown place and time, delivering a series of long philosophical speeches in ever shortening cycles of argumentation as the performance progresses.


The production is located on a bare black stage in which the light functions as a major force and affective entity that dictates the pace and enhances the visual dimension of the piece, by suddenly introducing atmospheres that reflect upon the emotions of the Dealer and the Client, and thus aim at affecting the emotions of the spectators.


The performance is set as a trio for two phenomenal performers and dynamic light-space.

"A large abstract sculpture that looks like a gallows, leans sideways or as a static graph that drifts in the space and twinkles with red points of light that switch on in different rhythms. Around this object, the lighting designer Yaron Abulafia created an impressive weave of changing lights, the connection of which with the situation is not really clear."
(Shai Bar-Ya’akov, review in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Israel, 2010)